Help make rspec-1.2 a smooth upgrade

Hi all,

I’m planning to release rspec-1.2 and rspec-rails-1.2 shortly after
rails-2.3 goes final (rails-2.3.1 was just released as RC2). There are
a couple of loose ends right now, and I need your help in two
important areas. I’ve curtailed releasing github gems, so please
clone, build and install the latest [1] if you wish to help out.

== Testing the release

As rails’ internals have changed and rspec-rails has kept up with
those changes, I’ve also been taking the opportunity to clean up much
of rspec-rails’ internals (along with those of rspec core). While the
public API has remain mostly unchanged [2], the changes to the
internals present some risk for any extension libraries or any of your
own customizations that monkey patch internals. To this end, it would
be very helpful if you would run your rails apps with the latest
rspec/rspec-rails code, and let me know (via reports to if you run into any problems.

== Ruby 1.9

RSpec core’s specs are all running against ruby 1.9 now. Not so much
with rspec-rails. With rails-2.3.1 (RC2), rspec/rspec-rails-
[1] and ruby-1.9.1, there is zero feedback. No failures. No errors.
Just nothing.

It would be most appreciated by many if the bold among you could help
to resolve this issue and get rspec-rails working with ruby-1.9.1.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


[1] rspec and rspec-rails > require that you clone the github
repo and build/install locally. Instructions:

[2] There is some rspec-rails code that needlessly duplicates
functionality already available in rails’ testing framework. To reduce
the maintenance burden, as changes to rails cause problems with
rspec-rails, I’ve been looking for opportunities to access rails via
public APIs rather than internals. In some cases, this resulted in
changes to rspec-rails. I’ve documented what I know in
Upgrade.markdown in the root of the rspec-rails source.

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