Help! is this activerecord modelling anywhere near correct/optimal?

I’m a n00b & need help with getting some active record modelling

i’ve tried to read up and have experimented a lot with varaible in the
console & I think i’m getting it, but this is my first rails project
and would really appreciate some wisened feedback from experts :slight_smile:

this is my attempt - apologies for the pidgen diagram - am still
learning somewhat!

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

On 25 October 2011 13:40, sig [email protected] wrote:
Not sure exactly what you are asking. There are several errors on
your diagram though
You have missed the id off events_services unless that is actually
showing a habtm between events and services
Why has service got an event_id?
You either need a belongs_to between service and tender and the
associated id.
You have info_id instead of info_type_id in info.
You have habtm between user and conversation_user and that and
Conversation where I guess you mean has_many/belongs to.
I can’t believe you both those relationships between user and
conversation, it appears that a conversation is linked to users via
two paths which is probably wrong.

All in all the whole thing is too complex for a starting point,
particularly for a beginner. Pick a section of the problem, model
that and develop it using TDD. Then add some more.