Help Installing rbenv?

Hi, I’m seeking some help getting rbenv installed, for Ruby-on-Rails

I’m running Puppy Linux X-Precise 2.2 non-pae, based on Puppy Linux
based on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin, in a VirtualBox. Kernel: Linux 3.2.48.
have git and other dev tools installed (via the Puppy DevX package,
equivalent to Arch Linux base-devel). Using sqlite. I used the Puppy
Package Manager to install the rbenv package. These images show what’s
installed on the machine, and the problem. As you can see, rbenv is not
quite behaving correctly.

Hope somebody can help!


John Weiss wrote in post #1136424:

Did you also install ruby-build? rbenv does not come with the rbenv
install command by default. rbenv itself is just a Ruby environment
manager, and not an Ruby compile and install manage. That’s what the
ruby-build plugin does.

Ok, i got rbenv installed, and Ruby using ruby-build.

followed instructions here:

next, going to use gems to install sqlite and rails.

not sure yet if the gems are tied to the active ruby (set by rbenv), but
i’ll find out!

thx 4 help!

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