Help Installing Ferret Gem on Media Temple Grid Server

It seems that I’ve successfully installed the ferret gem on my Media
Grid Server [ ferret 0.11.4 (ruby) ] but now my application won’t start
gives me this error in my mongrel.log

/home/25280/data/rubygems/gems/gems/ferret- 0.11.4/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or

  • /home/25280/data/rubygems/gems /gems/ferret-0.11.4/lib/

It looks like this is a shared libraries problem, but I’ve tried doing
some LD_LIBRARY_PATH= with no luck.

My local install of ruby is here //data/rubygems/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8
think) but I can’t even seem to find the file.

I’m really having a tough time and would appreciate any help. Please be
explicit with any assistance as I’m still a student of all this

Hey …

the gem hasn’t been installed successfully. Most
probably you don’t have a compiler installed.

try to install the ferret gem manually and see if
it succeeds. Post the log here, if you see any



I’m having the same issue with another gem on MediaTemple’s gridservice.
I know this topic was started a while ago, and there hasn’t been any
update to it, so I am hoping Chap figured it out.

Here’s the error I’m getting: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
directory -

As far as what Benjamin said, I am fairly sure this issue is related to
the fact that we are using MediaTemple’s GridService. If you didn’t
know, they use a rather peculiar container technology to do proper RoR
in what is technically shared hosting. As a result, when we install
gems, we can rarely just do “gem install ruby-debug”. We are advised to
use “gem install ruby-debug --source=”, for

In any case, I have checked all the paths and indeed, does
exist. So where should we go from here?