Help : i want to install gnuradio-core only and for that what are the required blocks i need to inst

HI everyone ,
In my struggle towards learning the gnuradio , ii am trying to install
gnuradio-core only and for that i have remove some of the blocks like
gr-noaa,gr-audio-osx etc… but i could not exactly figure out if some
blocks/folder like
dtools,gcell,gr-cvsd-vocoder,gr-gcell,gr-gpio,gr-gsm-fr-vocoder and
etc to be installed … i am in doubt that removing this blocks/folder
hamper my installation.

Why don’t you just install the way it is and save yourself some time?
remaining blocks that you mentioned are not going to affect your
learning at
all so instead of wasting time and having all sorts of doubts follow the
installation instructions carefully and start playing with gnuradio.

Good luck.