Help getting ruby-serialport to run in Windows XP

Dear All

I have not been able to make ruby-serialport in Windows XP.
I have looked hard in the web and forums and have not been able to find
help, although i have found many people that have been equaly

It would be really great to have ruby-serialport work in Windows, it
already works well in linux and cygwin (at least for me)

I have succesfully compiled for windows following the excellent
instructions in:
It essential to read Part II)

However no matter what i do when running the miniterm.rb example the
program fails with:
(eval):3:in create': No such file or directory (Errno::ENOENT) from (eval):3:innew’
from miniterm.rb:11

I have painfully tracked (I think) the problem down to this part of the
serialport.c code:

“class SerialPort\n”


"def SerialPort::new(port, *params)\n"
  "sp = create(port)\n"    <============ BREAKS HERE

It would be great if someone more skilled could give me a hand with
this, I have reached the limits of my (also limited) knowledge.

Or even if someone could give me a compiled and working
for windows XP would probably be good enough.

Thank you all

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:00:51 -0500
Eduardo Aldaz-carroll [email protected] wrote:

    from miniterm.rb:11

I’ve found that on the odd occassion I have to use serialport on
Win32, using the following:

Kernel::require ‘serialport’

vice plain require, avoids its unhappiness with rubygems.

Has no adverse affect on Linux.


Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the tip
Kernel::require ‘serialport’
does indeed help, very nice! I was calling the program with
ruby -rselrialport miniterm.rb , which is not as clean.

Unfortunately this does not address the original problem i still get the
same error message:

C:>ruby miniterm.rb COM9 9600 8 1
(eval):3:in create': No such file or directory (Errno::ENOENT) from (eval):3:innew’
from miniterm.rb:11

Do you not get this error? Have you modified the source code? Do you
think you could send me your .so ? any pointers on how to get this to
work would be greatly appreciated!
I use both linux and windows and would love to be able to use the same
serialport extension for both.

Thanks again

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