Help for a beginner

Hi all,

I’m new to GNU radio Software and USRP. We have recently purchased a
Board with RFX900 and RFX2400 Daughter Boards for our Lab. I work in a
Telecommunications in PVAMU.

I’ve a decent expertise in C++ and object oriented Programming. I tried
figuring out how the whole system works by going through various example
source codes.

But I’m yet to get a feel of exactly what happens from the point a
signal is
received by the antenna till the final signal processing block.

Can anyone send me a source code of an example using the above mentioned
daughter boards.(RFX900 and RFX2400)

I shall appreciate any other suggestion that will enhance my knowledge
about how GNU radio works , how it interfaces with the USRP and the flow
control between various block.
Thank You

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