Help Finding Lead RoR Developer to manage team

We are currently looking to move from a outsource contractor model to
in-house programmers to lead a team of in-house or contract developers
and also code themselves. We have a major build which uses: Ruby on
Rails, Passenger, Rake, Memcache, Oracle SQL and has customer
applications we have designed for automating wrapping video games for
DRM protection as well as building a installer around the games.

I noticed you are from Sarasota, FL which is perfect since this is where
we are HQ’d (though we have been running as a virtual company up to this
point and have contractors all over the world). However we have office
space available in downtown SRQ in the Infinium and Chase buildings and
are in a rush to bring on a FULL-TIME SENIOR programmer. What we are
doing is fast paced and requires 14-16 hours of work sometimes 7 days
a week.

We are a b2b white lable game channel provider and distribute 3500 video
games with a custom built content management extranet and white lable
partner extranet as well as a gsi catalog administration center. We
are multi-homed with 3 data centers where we are doing advanced
replication with 4 PETABYTES of storages area networks, load balanced
high availability servers, oracle sql, sap, and many other enterprise
class tools.

Please take a look at the following to get a overview of the
company: – corporate website http://wlp. – b2b partner signup site – developer/publisher signup website – this is our infrastructure partner/backer and is
a company I founded 15 years ago. – b2c game store run by us – b2b wlp customer http://inspiredmedia. – b2b wlp customer – b2b wlp customer

We currently have 30 new customers we are bringing online over the next
30-60 days. These customers range from the top 5 retailers, etailers and
online websites in the world.

We are building our Network Operations Center, Call Center, Customer
Support, Core Management team in Sarasota now to support over fortune
500 customers we have. We will also be running our CSS/HTML front end
design/integration teams from Sarasota and will these personal will be
responsible for customer relations as well.

We are a fast moving, very efficient company with over- achievers whom
put in blood, sweat and tears to the project. If this is something that
sounds of interest to you, please let me know quickly.

Thanks, Tim.

Best Regards,
Timothy Munro Roberts

GameStreamer, Inc.

Company HQ
Local: 813-527-0383
Toll Free: 877-865-2011

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001-314-809-7706 Cell
001-877-482-9585 E-fax
[email protected]

Skype: twcbinc
AOL: tampatroberts
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