Help according to my items. (model structuring)


I am sure that some Ruby-goeroes will be able to help me further (and in
a much cleaner way).

I have a database where I have a lot of products.
Here are the most important column names:

|ID | Product class | Product Group | Item group | Style | Coating |
|001 |C |V0100 |V0100600 |77 |ALU |
|002 |C |V0100 |V0100600 |77 |ALU |
|003 |C |V0100 |V0100600 |78 |ALU |

A person will have to choose his coating, where after he will be able to
choose between the different product classes (which have that specific

Once a class has been chosen, he has to be able to see all product
groups with that class and that specific coating.

If he has chosen a product group, there has to be a list of all item
groups with a different style. So if there is a style 77 and a style 78,
this has to be seperated.

If he has chosen a certain item group + style, he will see a product
with all specifications.
As you see, there are 2 identical rows, but I left away some fields, for
specifications, that are different. Also the ID is different for each

What is the best way to build my models and especially the resources?