Help: About run got error


I have one Basic-Tx and TV-RX in cygwin equipment to get FM frequency.
I try to do follow step, but all got error message.
Why can I do?
And the TV-RX and Bastic-TX can use in same motherboard or need use in
different computer?


emily@ncku-34be181a97 /usr/src/gnuradio/gnuradio-examples/python/usrp
$ ./ -f 91.1M
usb_control_msg failed: usb_control_msg: sending control message failed,
win err
or: é™„åŠ åˆ°ç³»çµ±çš„æŸå€‹è£ç½®å¤±åŽ»ä½œç”¨ã€‚

Using TX d’board A: Basic Tx
r.baseband_freq = 0
r.dxc_freq = 36.9M
r.residual_freq = 381.47m
r.inverted = True
audio-0.dat: No such file or directory
Aborted (core dumped)