Hello, the Dataflow library, a GUI dataflow editor, and Google Summer of Code

Hello GNU Radio community,

I’ve been following this list for some time now after being referred
to it by Phil Endecott on the boost list. He had seen a talk on GNU
Radio, and suggested I look into it in regards to a dataflow library I
am developing. Even though I don’t know much about software defined
radio, the work you are doing here seems really fascinating!

I am particularly interested in your project because of the my work
with the Dataflow library:

That library is evolving towards a generic dataflow library, with the
goal that any dataflow-oriented framework (like GNU Radio) should be
easy to adapt for use with the dataflow library and anything built on
top of it. For example, I’ve put together a very basic GUI dataflow
If I added a support layer that would integrate GNU Radio with the
Dataflow library, the GUI editor could easily work with GNU Radio
components (rather than with components based on Boost.Signals with
which it is currently using).

For a while I’ve been very interested in adding support for GNU Radio
in the Dataflow library, as well as implementing a serious GUI
dataflow editor that would also support running the programs and
visualizing / inputing data and control values, but currently I am
focused on finishing the Boost.Signals-related functionality so I can
submit it for review with Boost. This summer I should have more time,
and (bonus) Google Summer of Code 2008 has just been announced:


Will GNU Radio be participating in GSoC, and would there be any
interest in having the following done as a GSoC project:
a) GNU Radio support added to the Dataflow library
b) developing a good generic GUI environment for the Dataflow library
which could then be used to design and run GNU Radio apps.

Please let me know, as I’d love to get involved (especially as a part
of GSoC since then I can devote some serious time to it).

Thanks and regards,