Head/branch in the repo

Dear devs,

if you pull from the darcs repo you will see 2 directories:

  • head: contains the current version of the repo (pretty stable, uses
  • branch: this is the experimental code. Me and Tom will try to make
    compatible with facets 2.0 and prepare it for immediate release as

please use a symbolic link or something to the new head directory to
your programms run.


Please ignore the previous post.

The old repo works as it used to work.

You can find the branch repo here:

darcs get nitroproject.org


On Oct 27, 12:59 pm, “George M.”
[email protected] wrote:

your programms run.


Ok. I see what you did. I was a little confused. I thought you had
actually put branch/ inside of head/. (Because you wrote “head/branch”
in the subject line.)

If you want, you can point http://repo.nitroproject.org to repo/head/
instead of just repo/ (assuming those are dir names), then everything
will be like it was. And you can just let me know what the branch
directory is, eg. nitroproject.org (?)


I think now everything is ok:

darcs get repo.nitroproject.org == head
darcs get nitroproject.org == branch

just send me darc bundles:

darcs send -o bundle
email me bundle

btw, where can i find blow ?