Having trouble formatting output stream, when executing remote program

Hi all,

I’m a bit stumped on how to handle formatting the output of a remotely
executed file if anyone has suggestions or pointers. Executing the
command ‘db-update.sh’ on my remote box, gives me a nice formatted
output like this:

App Deleted:
Trial Counter: 2
Trial Details ID: 0

But if I execute the following piece of code in a .rb file:

cmd = “db-update.sh”
stdout = “”
session.exec!(cmd) do |channel, stream, data|
stdout << data if stream == :stdout
print ‘Result: %s’ % stdout

I get this:

“App Deleted:\n PreTrial Counter: 2\n Trial Details ID:
0\n------------------- ------------------- --------------------\n”

I’ve tried multiple variations of printing the result but I’m not
understanding why it’s not converting the \n to a newline but assume
it’s to do with how I’m processing the output?