Having trouble building grc and gr-wxgui on Jaunty

Hi Everyone,

I’m having trouble finding all the dependencies needed to compile
gnu-radio from svn with grc which needs gr-wxgui. I installed all the
packages mentioned on the wiki here:


which are:

sudo apt-get -y install swig g++ automake1.9 libtool python2.5-dev
libcppunit-dev libboost1.35-dev sdcc-nf libusb-dev
libsdl1.2-dev python-wxgtk2.8 subversion guile-1.8-dev
libqt4-dev python-numpy ccache python-opengl libgsl0-dev
python-cheetah python-lxml doxygen qt4-dev-tools
libqwt5-qt4-dev libqwtplot3d-qt4-dev

Here is a portion of the output from ./configure that seems pertinent.

Component gr-video-sdl passed configuration checks; building.
checking for Python wxWidgets wrappers >= 2.8… no
checking for Numeric Python extensions… yes
Not building component gr-wxgui.

Any tips?



make sure python-wxgtk2.6 is removed from your system

Thanks Josh,

Your nailed the problem. I wish the automake system was smart enough to
know which version to use, but I guess not. I think the stuff that had
to be un-installed won’t be missed too badly.


Rob, KL7NA