Having issues with paperclip, S3, and Aptana Cloud

I’m using paperclip to allow users to upload an “avatar” (pretty
standard). The problem is, it works just fine in development, but when I
deploy the app, it will only upload the original image to S3, but not
the resized images. I’ve looked all over, and I suspect it may be a
problem with rmagick (although, I’m not sure about that), I checked the
list and rmagick is installed.

Has anyone else encountered this? or can someone point me to a possible
solution? Does Aptana support rmagick and image magick, or do I have to
do some configuring of some sort on the cloud where my app is deployed?

I figured out (or rather the helpful peeps at aptana helped me figure it

ENV[‘PATH’] has to be set to include /opt/local/bin (for some reason on
aptana it doesn’t point to that by default). Once I set that everything

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