Have USRP, will travel to SWL Fest


Tuesday I am heading off to the biggest pencil in the world for the
Winter SWL Fest in Kulpsville. I am going to do some informal demos of
the USRP and GNURadio. They have a digital radio table in an exhibit
room where they demo DRM. This year they want to do some demos of HD
Radio and Internet Radio. I am thinking of showing RDS (RDBS) and SCA
decoders. Hopefully next year I can actually do a talk on SDR.

Although this gathering is somewhat informal, they had some good talks
on DRM , SDR, and the dreaded BPL. The focus is on Shortwave but there
are also some VHF/UHF and Free-To-Air Satellite talks and demos. This
is the 20th fest so they are doing something right.

I am also going to bring my Radio Shack HD radio which is also a SDR.
The AM/FM signal is converted to 10.7 MHz and goes to a DDC. The DDC
converts it to baseband for a TI DSP chip that does both analog and IBOC
decoding. Thanks to USRP and GNURadio I understand how it is done. The
Sangean HDT-1 also uses a similar module.

73 Eric