Hash parameters in link_to_remote getting munged


I’m having a problem implementing a link_to_remote that passes a
customer’s name as a name=>value hash where the name is ‘repaired’ and
the value is a customer’s name.

It’s getting munged though and turns out to be:


Probably something I’m doing. If someone has time to take a look,
here’s the link_to_remote:

<%= link_to_remote “Previous Page”, :url => {:controller =>
@controller_name, :action => ‘step02’, :repaired=>{‘customer_name’ =>
@customer.name} } %>

The parameters that turn up as submitted to my step02 action are

Parameters: {“action”=>“step02”,

Grats for your help,
{It’s snowing to beat the band here in Vancouver. Love it!)

Look at the Javascript that’s generated from your link_to_remote. You’re
trying to pass a Ruby Hash object as in a query string. I don’t think
is figuring out that it’s receiving anything different from a plain old
string. You may have to come up with a different solution.

Dave Dumaresq-2 wrote:

Parameters: {“action”=>“step02”,

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Yes you’re right. It’s a plain old query string. I’ve worked around it
as you suggested. Thanks!

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