Hash#flatten not implemented

Hi All,

I just found out that Hash#flatten is not implemented in IronRuby, for
whoever that needs it here is the implementation (I tested it comparing
the results with Ruby 1.9.2) giving the same results:

class Hash
def flatten(level=1)
a = []
self.each{|x,y| a << x; a << y}
while level > 1
a = a.flatten
level -= 1

You would need to put it at the very beginning of any application that
needs that standard functionality.

I’m not sure this is the best implementation, but it is quick & dirty
and solved my problems with a gem that used Hash#flatten internally…

Hope IronRuby includes the right implementation (or this one if the
maintainers deem reasonable) in the next IronRuby release.

Best Regards to everyone

Eduardo B.