Has_one :through saving

Hi all,

I’m having issues with a has_one :through relationship. I have a setup
where “Ticket has_one :show, :though => :pool”. The thing worked, but
what I noticed is that as soon as my ticket is saved, the show is also
saved. In my case this is pretty dangerous, since I’m using optimistic
locking on the show and since tickets are updated very frequently,
things can get pretty messy.

Is it possible to turn of this behavior and never save the associated
model? In my case, the show is never set directly on the ticket
(ticket.show = Show.find(x) is never done), so I’ve worked around it by
just creating a method “show” that returns pool.show, but I don’t really
like this solution, since I also use the relation in some API code that
figures out what to return by inspecting the model.



Does :autosave do what you want?

has_one :show, :though => :pool, :autosave => false

Or if you never want to save this way, maybe:

has_one :show, :though => :pool, :readonly => true

I haven’t tried either, but I remember running across these in one of
the rails guides, so maybe it helps.

On May 28, 5:28 am, Wouter de Bie [email protected]