Has_many :through association

Hee people,

I have the following problem:

I have the following tables:

t.string :title

t.integer :group_id
t.integer :menu_id
t.boolean :see
t.boolean :edit

t.string :title

when you create a group you should get a list of menu items where you
can select if the persons in the group should be able to edit or see a
particulary item.

Does anybody know how This would be possible (or point me in the right
direction ? ).

Thanxs !

To make it a bit more clear:
in my form (for edit and new) I have the following:

<% for menu in Menu.find(:all) %>

<%= check_box_tag "group[menu_ids][]", menu.id, @group.menus.include?(menu) %> <%= menu.title %> <% end %>

But this is not for what i would like ! (if it is even possible :stuck_out_tongue: )