Has many relationship with rails_admin


I’m using rails admin with the following model types

class Course
has_many :schedules

class Schedule
belongs_to :course
attr_readonly :course_id

When I’m editing a course instance I would like to see a button to
create a new schedule. All I can see are the list of existing schedules
but this is not really a correct view. Schedules are owned by a Course
and the course_id field on Schedule should be immutable.

What I should be able to do is delete schedules from a course and add
new ones but not reassign schedules. Has anybody got this kind of
association working with rails admin in a nice way.



Sorry but you’re asking on the wrong list. This is the Ruby list, not
the Rails list. Try the mailing lists and forums linked from

This forum is not affiliated to the Ruby language, Ruby on Rails framework, nor any Ruby applications discussed here.

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