Has anyone tried running nginx on their local machine?

if so, have you encountered any problems? i’m trying to copy the whole
configuration i have on my server to my local machine, to do some
disasterous tests and such; problem is…i can’t really seem to get it
on. some problem.

if i configure nginx for a couple of apps (i.e, copy the whole part that
starts from

server {
listen 80;
server_name localmyapp;


how am i supposed to reach it?

http://localmyapp/ doesn’t work - it goes straight to the internet to
find the site…how do i configure nginx so i can use it on my own local
machine / localhost ?

ps :> i’m running it w mongrel_rails cluster::configure -e development
-p 7000 -a and i got a line that goes like

upstream myapp {

so that should catch the app, no?
thx for any pointers etc.