Has anybody succeed in getting Rails 3 to work in production?

Has anybody succeed in getting Rails 3 to work in production? I am
trying with Apache 2.2 and Passenger 2.2.12 but no luck. If you have
got Rails three to work in production on any server with any set up
could you please post the details (howto?) or a link to where such
information can be found.

All input gratefully received.

Paul Thompson

Hi Paul,

I’m running a test server in production environment with nginx as
front-end, ruby-1.9.1-p378 and one mongrel in the backend.
The script I’m currently using to start the application is as


export RAILS_ENV=production

kill old server if running

if [ -f /home/csb/apps/ric/current/log/rackup.pid ]; then
echo “Stopping old server instance…”
kill cat /home/csb/apps/ric/current/log/rackup.pid
sleep 2;

startup new server

echo “Starting new server instance…”
cd /home/csb/apps/ric/current
rackup -D -E production -p 8010 -P /home/csb/apps/ric/current/log/
rackup.pid /home/csb/apps/ric/current/config.ru

echo “DONE”

the export RAILS_ENV is needed because rackup seems to ignore the -E
option also I had to modify the server.rb file in the rack gem to keep
the application running in the background
I had to change the code to:

  if options[:daemonize]

where it used to be:

  daemonize_app if [:daemonize]

otherwise the process will just terminate if you call rackup -D I
opened an entry on the rack google group but never got any feedback.
You can find it here:

Best, Daniel