I have been using an Apache setup to proxy to two different Rails apps
for two different domain names mapped to the same ip address, ie.
www.web1.com goes to app1 and www.web2.com goes to app2. The Apache
config is roughly as follows, and the mongrels are started with the
prefix option ie. /app1 on 5000 and /app2 on 6000

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName www.web1.com
DocumentRoot “${path}/www/web1”

ProxyPass /images
ProxyPass /app1 http://localhost:5000/app1
ProxyPassReverse /app1  http://localhost:5000/app1

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName www.web2.com
DocumentRoot “${path}/www/web2”

ProxyPass /images
ProxyPass /app2 http://localhost:6000/app2
ProxyPassReverse /app2  http://localhost:6000/app2

My question is that I want to give haproxy a try and wondered if I
could do this sort of thing with haproxy itself or whether I still
require apache?

People have mentioned nginx but after struggling with Apache
httpd.conf for a while I am loath to go back to square one! Is nginx
easier or harder to do this sort of stuff than Apache?



I’m also deciding between Apache and nginx. Have you come across this
The author switched to nginx after struggling with Apache. I haven’t
done it myself but you might find it useful.

  • Anthony