Handling Strange Superclass Mismatch

I’m having a weird issue with Superclass Mismatches. I’m using
ActiveRecord in a project. The strange thing is that i’m getting
superclass mismatches the first time I even load a model. I’ve tried to
handle it gracefully, here is my example. this doens’t work quite
correclty. what can I do to get around this?

  files = Dir.glob(MY_SERVICES + models_path)
  if files.empty? then return nil end
  catch(:loadfiles) do
    puts "LOADING FILES"
      files.each_with_index do |file,i|
        rf = files.slice(i)
        require rf
    rescue TypeError => e
      puts e.message
      puts files.inspect
      if e.message =~ /superclass mismatch/
        throw :loadfiles

Why would ActiveRecord have a fit like this? I don’t alter the class
until a later point, I don’t see wy a superclass mismatch would be

any ideas?

I figured it out. was doing something retarded. thanks.