Handling file upload onto local filesystem


I have a multipart form upload field uploaded through <%=
file_field(“profile”, “profile”) %>

Once a submit happens, the action basically does something like:

profile = Profile.new(params[“picture”])

This invokes the models = to method:

def picture=(picture_field)
…do a bunch of assignments here

def validate
… do a bunch of validations before saving

do the actual file handling stuff here.

def after_save


My question is, is the after_save method the right place to put the File
manipulation stuff to copy and save the file on a directory on my local
webserver filesystem? Also, how do I get access to the actual file in
after_save so that I could do stuff like the following:

file.local_path (basically work with the file object so that I could
copy it
over from its local path onto my filesystem)

and one more question, how do I pass stuff into this function that comes
from the controller but is not necessarily an attribute of the Profile

Thanks in advance.

you could try using the file_column plugin.
makes things very easy to handle and you can do image processing (with
rmagick installed):


that’s my easy answer…



I decided against the file_column plugin due to some limitations in how
have to access a file in a view using url_for_file_column. Are there
other suggestions on my question, like on passing variables down to the
model from the controller?


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