Haml and textareas in custom extension

Hi and first - thank you for making radiant, I’ve used many many cms’es
and this is by far the best I have used yet!

I have made a custom extension and created an admin area for the models
where I have a problem with a textarea. I have never used Haml so my
views are all html.erb files.

The problem is that the admin-area seems to parse my templates as haml
files and thus adds spaces after each line break in my textareas.

Example output (less-than and greater-than replaced with {}:

{textarea class=“textarea” cols=“40” id=“collection_body”
name=“collection[body]” rows=“20”>This is the best brand ever.

      Look how cool this text is.

      {a href="http://gert.dk"}gert.dk{/a}{/textarea}

Is there anyway to either use the find_and_preserve method in a html.erb
view or turn off haml-parsing for my custom part of the admin area?

Thanks in advance!

A couple weeks back I added the find_and_preserve to the admin layout,
so it should handle any textareas you have added.


I’m on Radiant 0.6.7 gem version - is there a newer version I’m not
aware about?

And… Aha!! My controller is extending the ApplicationController, is
there a radiant specific controller I should be extending instead?


just wanted to let everybody know that this is fixed in 0.6.9, maybe
also in 0.6.8 but I skipped that version.

Thanks again.

I have looked at the extension tutorial again and the controller there
extends the ApplicationController like I do.

Any ideas about what I could try and look at?