"Hacking" Nginx events second part

Just a followup to my previous thread, but I think it can interest
some developpers.

Nginx is great! I’ve tried before to “hack” Lighttpd, but it was a
pain in the a*s. It takes me some times to enter Nginx but I don’t
regret it at all. Thanks Igor for this superb work.

So, I was trying to call (long) blocking functions inside Nginx.
First approach has been to create worker threads, a queue and a
thread which is doing the epoll_wait and put in the queue
epoll related events as well as my workers events. It was fine
but a bit complicated and performance was around 10000
requests / s (a dynamic 10 kB document).


static request -> nginx -> msg -> nginx
dynamic request -> nginx > msg -> my worker -> msg -> nginx

I’ve just discovered signalfd(). It’s now (with a recent Linux
kernel) possible to associate a file descriptor with a signal
handler and it’s compatible with epoll_wait :slight_smile: so now it’s:

static request -> nginx
dynamic request -> nginx -> msg -> my worker -> signal -> nginx

So in the event loop, it’s like :

nevents = epoll_wait (…event_list…) ;

for (i = 0 ; i < nevents ; i ++)
if (event_list [i].data.fd == my_fd)
process_my_eventS (…) ;
continue ;


process_my_eventS (…)
msg_t msg ;

while (1)
poll_msg (q, & msg) ;
if (read (myfd…) != sizeof (signalfd_siginfo))
break ;
handle_http_results (msg.request) ;

Of course I still need a queue to get the context of the request,
but it works fine (100.10^6 requests so far without a glitch
using ab).

From my benchmarks it’s now ~ 15500 requests / s (10 kB dynamic

Just to compare:

Apache 2.2 / Prefork MPM / PHP 5 with index.php:

<?php echo '<10kB of ascii data>' ; ?>

1800 requests / s, 80 load!

And with Nginx:

15500 requests / s, ~ 2 load 8)

Using ab -k -c 50 -n 1000000

On an AMD X2 4200 / 2 GB / Ubuntu 8.04 RC1.

Sorry to bother you with this long message…

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