Hackety Hack 1.0.1 for Mac released!

Hackety Hack v1.0.1 for Mac has been released!

What is it: Hackety Hack is the best way to learn programming, and it
teaches with Ruby! Go from nothing to “I can understand tutorials” in
just a few hours. It includes its own Ruby and IDE, so you can
download just one thing and get started with programming.

Get it here: http://hackety-hack.com/download

What’s new:

  • Various small bugfixes
  • Support for 32 bit Macs
  • Support for OSX 10.7 Lion

I probably won’t be releasing a 1.0.1 for Linux and/or Windows, as
this is mostly a release to get Lion support going. A 1.1 release that
addresses functionality for all platforms is planned within the next
week or two.