Hackers wanted

This is a ``commercial" mail for a requirement of hackers. The
position for the same is based in Mumbai, India. However if the
can be met via online communication, it is also acceptable.
Details :

Position*:All types of hackers wanted

Company Background:

  • Usually, it’s hard to tell work from play at Cleartrip
  • Cleartrip is the coolest, most user-focused online travel service
  • Travel is a massive part of the Indian and global economy and the top
    ecommerce category
  • Travel is a completely information driven industry, and technology is
    vital to travel companies
  • We have an extremely talented team of programmers and designers and we
    leverage a variety of exciting technologies
  • We pay well and don’t overload you with work

Key Responsibilities:

  • Building the core platform and infrastructure for
  • Keeping the service
  • Algorithms, travel search, machine learning, network infrastructure,
    centre management, data mining, natural language processing, user

You should be:

  • Quick starter and fast learner who thrives among very smart colleagues
  • Insanely passionate about elegant code, architecture, reliability and
  • Fun to work with and passionate about what you do

Previous Experience:

  • We don’t care whether you graduated or not, we’re more concerned with
    whether you can hack with the best of them
  • We don’t care what languages you’ve used previously, at Cleartrip, you
    to choose your tools based on what’s best
  • We don’t care how many years of experience you have
  • It will help if you’ve worked with new and old web technologies and
  • You should have strong programming fundamentals

If you believe you are the person for the job, then please contact :
[email protected]


  • vihan

Hi Vihan,

I’m interested in part-time/contract/freelance work, but not full-time
work, is that a problem?


Sorry all, wrong reply option :frowning:


Hi Kevin,

Sorry all, wrong reply option :frowning:

No problem :slight_smile:

A freelancer is most certainly welcome. Please send a hello to
[email protected] and we can take it from there.


  • vihan

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