Habtm problem

I have Kids and I have Sports.

I have a checkbox list of Sports for each Kid.

Let’s say I make a Kid, and assign him to all 5 sports.

It works, great.

Let’s say I make another Kid(Kid2), and assign him to all 5 sports. I
get this error:

Mysql::Error: Duplicate entry ‘2’ for key 1: INSERT INTO kids_sports
(sport_id, kid_id, id) VALUES (2, 10, 2)

And my kids_sports table looks like this:

                   id    kid_id  sport_id
Edit     Delete  2    8    2

Edit Delete 3 8 3
Edit Delete 4 8 4
Edit Delete 6 8 6
Edit Delete 7 8 7

Why the heck is it doing that? Why isn’t id 1,2,3,4,5 etc like it
should(?) be?

I think we need to see one your kid/sport model and then the new/
create method in the controller…

You should not have a id column btw in the kids_sports table… .

This should be your up task:

def self.up
create_table :kids_sports, :id => false do |t|
t.integer :kid_id
t.integer :sport_id
add_index :kids_sports, [:kid_id]
add_index :kids_sports, [:sport_id]

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