"Guid has already been taken" error

hello -

sorry for the spam if there is a better place to look for this sort of
thing, but my old install of typo started acting strangely the other day
i tried to upgrade. i wasn’t having much luck, so i did a fresh install
the latest trunk release (977 i believe) and then imported my old
from a text file.

that worked fine, except now, when i try to post a new article i get the
following error:

1 error prohibited this article from being saved

There were problems with the following fields:

* Guid has already been taken

I’ve tried changing and even deleting the old guid’s from the database
that doesn’t help. any suggestions?


What database is it?

On 31/03/06, Cory Vander J. [email protected] wrote:


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That error tends to happen if you have any guids set to NULL. I don’t
know how people end up with NULL guids, but it’s happened in the past
and caused this error.

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