GUI tool for model design?

Anyone know of one?


Anyone know of one?

If you’re staying at the object/association level (ie. not getting into
fields) I’ve found Omnigraffle works great. Mac only though.


I’m using SQLEditor ( (for
Mac!). You can draw models(tables)
and you get nice schema that you can use in your project.

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On 16 March 2011 17:19, KevinC [email protected] wrote:

Anyone know of one?

I tend to start with pen+paper, then when my models get too
complicated to redraw/remember I use Railroad to generate a nice PNG,
which I can then print and scribble on to design changes.

Railroad also generates SVGs and DOT files, which you can import
into other software to tweak, but I don’t know about exporting any
changes out as migrations… this is the stuff I just do manually.