GUI tool for model design?

Anyone know of one?


Anyone know of one?

If you’re staying at the object/association level (ie. not getting into
fields) I’ve found Omnigraffle works great. Mac only though.


I’m using SQLEditor (SQLEditor for Mac OS X) (for
Mac!). You can draw models(tables)
and you get nice schema that you can use in your project.

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On 16 March 2011 17:19, KevinC [email protected] wrote:

Anyone know of one?

I tend to start with pen+paper, then when my models get too
complicated to redraw/remember I use Railroad to generate a nice PNG,
which I can then print and scribble on to design changes.

Railroad also generates SVGs and DOT files, which you can import
into other software to tweak, but I don’t know about exporting any
changes out as migrations… this is the stuff I just do manually.