GUI for commandline programs

I’m looking for a simple, easy to learn, low weight GUI for use in Ruby
programs that mainly use the command line but where a bit of GUI might
in order.

To give a clearer idea, let me show some examples:

  1. Going to a youtube user that has multiple playlists, parsing the
    playlist then opening a GUI with a list of the playlists so you can
    which to download.

  2. At a point in the program, you need to specify a folder to store your
    data in, so you want to pop open a folder save dialog box, then continue
    with your basic commandline program.

  3. A loop in a program input a file, parses the input and creates a
    (directed acyclic) graph from it. There is a bug someplace between the
    parser and the graph generator. You put a form at the beginning showing
    input data some intermediate variables, and drawing the graph as it
    evolves to visualize what is going wrong.

I hope from these three examples that the things I am looking for in a
GUI toolkit clear. The GUI elements are incidental to the main program,
the main program is a commandline program and for some reason or other a
part of the program is made simpler with a bit of GUI. This however is
only the case if the GUI is itself simple. Spending a lot of time
setting up an application loop and a GUI justs mucks things up in this
case. Also, in each case the GUI portion is started and stopped several
times in one run of a program.


On Fri, 2010-09-03 at 17:10 +0900, Handy G. wrote:

I’m looking for a simple, easy to learn, low weight GUI for use in Ruby


see zenity

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