GUI-access to existing YAML configuration file

Hi all.

This is more a call for advice than a support-question, as my program
currently works in a way which could just be the right one (or not).

Crème Fraiche is available as a ruby-gem or from my web-site

The YAML configuration worked for the terminal-program and up to a
version 0.6.x for the GUI as well, meaning, that a user had to write
her/his values to the file in YAML-format and that would be it. I cannot
attach the file to this post, as the forum-page will not allow it.
It is here:

All my programming-work these days is strictly for fun. Usability,
efficiancy and aptness of these tools for any task come far behind. But
anyway, I did not want to just create a dumb dialogue to access all the
current configuration-options but tried to have the new interface adapt
itself to any new option that I might invent in the future.

Okay so far. I formulate my question: How would you do it? Introducing
the configuration-dialog, I had to determine, which option must be
represented by a dropdown-field, which needs a control for choosing
colours…, provide tool-tips and error-checking.

The current solution includes a new object which concentrates any such
attribute to one option, i.e. it represents one option at a time
(ConfOpt, see pastebin), and informs about its type, tool-tip, choices,
defaults …
Changes are again saved to the configuration-file, bereft of all
additional information.

I find it not very elegant to fixate all those attributes as constants
in the Option-class, but cannot currently think of a better way.

Thank you in advance.