GTK Table - attach to table but minimal rows?

I need a hint to layout a program.

Right now I use a table.

It has 3 columns:

| one | two | three

This is fine so far.

Now I want to append a Gtk::Statusbar

| one | two | three


But I want the statusbar to take as little space as possible. I want to
make it fairly “thin”.

I guess I can use Gtk::Table#attach but my question is:

What setting or option should I use to make that row be very thin? I
don’t want to have it take equal space like the rest of the table … I
want it to be very smallish.

Perhaps I should use something else rather than a table?

Marc H. wrote in post #1030310:

Perhaps I should use something else rather than a table?

Use a vbox with 2 child :

  • your table
  • the statusbar

Hello there. For the first time I am playing a bit with
Gstreamer. When running sample program gst-inspect.rb, I received this

ruby: symbol lookup error:
/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/x86_64-linux/ undefined
symbol: rbg_rval2cstr

I noticed that rbg_rval2cstr is defined in and solved the
problem with a hack: I added this line:


in …/gstreamer/ext/gstreamer/extconf.rb and the script now
works. But this is a horrible, non-portable hack. Somebody will
certainly know the right way to make sure rbg_rval2cstr is found by

Or maybe it is only me who encountered this problem…


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