Gtk question

when i type make in the terminal it says that is there is no make file
by the way i’m in the installing process.

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

hi austin -

there’s a gnome2 section of this forum, where it would be more
appropriate to post this question. i’ve had problems installing the
latest gtk2 as well. i currently use gtk 0.19.3 with ruby 1.8.7, both
installed through my package manager, because i can’t seem to get
anything else to work - (see this post , and others where i talk
about my woes!)

i’d suggest posting a more complete explanation of what’s going on
(i.e. what system you’re on, what version of ruby, what version of gtk2,
whether it’s a gem install or you’re building from source, etc.) on the
gnome2 forum - you’ll get more responses there than here…

best of luck -


Did you run the configure script first? If installing from source, you
won’t have a Makefile before you do so.

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