Gstreamer: parse tag and number of track of cd


I want to retrieve informations from tags.
I watch the bus attached to a pipeline for Gst::Message::TAG. I do not
know how to parse the tag. Is there some documentations somewhere?

I want to retrieve the number of tracks and tracks length from
/dev/cdrom file. Is there a Gst way?


Hi Vincent,

I have exact the same problem! It’s really badly documented. Did you
find a solution?


Hi Leon.

I do not have found a solution using GStreamer. :frowning:

To parse tag, I think it should exist an parse method for
Gst::MessageTag class. There was one in the old implementation
It seems that there is a function in C (gst_message_parse_tag if I
remenber what I am be told on gstreamer irc channel).
I have open a feature request:
Ruby-GNOME 2 / Feature Requests / #11 Parse Gst::Message::TAG
Hope that someone will have time to implement it and to explain how to
use it.

To retrieve infos from cd, I have no idea on how to do it.


I don’t think a lot of people are working on ruby-gst. I thank the ones
that are.
I use ruby-taglib (Ruby-taglib) to read tags but
maybe you want to take a look at rtaglib

Hi Vincent,

Thanks! Yeah, I was missing the parse method too. I really find the ruby
gstreamer library very bugy and incomplete :frowning:

I think I’ll just use exiftool then or maybe a commandline script made
in python :slight_smile:

Oh thanks. I’ll have a go with taglib then!

Hi Leon.

I upload a patch to the tracker to parse Gst::Message::TAG.

Not sure it is well written but it seems functional. It add a parse
method to a Gst::Message::TAG object. A hash is returned.