GSoC'14 draft proposal - MIMO Transceiver


Here’s the link for my proposal for the project “MIMO Transceiver”

Please let me know your feedback on this.

Thanks and regards,
Kunal Sankhe
IIIT Hyderabad, India

On 13.03.2014 20:18, kunal sankhe wrote:

Here’s the link for my proposal for the project “MIMO Transceiver”

Please let me know your feedback on this.

Hi Kunal,

right now, your proposal is too generic. Have a look at some of the
other proposals. Make sure you specify the milestones. Also, show us
some previous code examples you’ve produced.


Hi Kunal - Following up from Martin’s comments:

  • Will GSoC be your only job, or will you have other things you -must-
    be doing (classes? paid work? serious hobbies?)?

  • Are you on the GR discussion list (yes!)? How long have you been on
    it? How active have you been on it?

  • Are there periods you will know right now that you will not be
    available for working on GSoC? If so, list them.

  • Are you planning to stay a contributing member of GR after the summer
    of code?

  • I think your proposal has -most- (not all) of the basic content, but
    it is not organized in the way most other proposals are & hence you’re
    selling yourself short in that regard. You would be well off looking at
    a few other former winning proposals and modeling the organization of
    yours after one of those more than what you have right now.

  • While you do not list milestones specifically, you do list a timetable
    with goals – again, mostly organizational differences.

  • Your grammar, spelling, formatting, and related stuff are fine – this
    proposal is easy to follow and not painful to read.

  • The technical side is mostly regurgitating facts about different MIMO
    techniques without equations or anything further. It would be good to
    see a -brief- discussion of the algorithms, their complexity, and
    challenges/risks involved in implementing them.

  • A link to some of your previous GR and/or other SDR oriented work is a

I encourage you to make the above changes, then get your proposal posted
on Melange. You can make changes to your proposal after you’ve posted
it – as Martin says (elsewhere): Just post a link in Melange to your
proposal & then you have only 1 place to do the update.