GSoC'13 Improving GRC

Hi all,

As promised, below is the link of my github repo:

Currently, I am working on the problem of accessing doxygen/sphinx
documentation for each GNU Radio block from within GRC GUI. To do this,
I have made few changes in GRC code base and its GUI. More details on
how to use the little piece of source code, I have written so far, can
be found in the README file inside my repo improvingGRC on github.
Please feel free to test it; I will appreciate any feedback from


From: Yasmeen, Aneela
Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2013 1:15 AM
To: GNURadio
Subject: RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] [GSoC] It has begun

Hello GNU Radio Community,

I am Aneela, an MS student at University of Iowa, USA. Though my MS
thesis topic is about Nonlinear Control and Smart power grids;
nevertheless, I enjoy doing coding for GNU Radio in my leisure time.
Recently, my proposal named “Improving GNU Radio Companion (GRC)” has
been accepted into GSoC’13. Therefore, I want to share my writeup with
the community. You can access my proposal using below URL:

I am very thankful to GNU Radio developers for their confidence in my
abilities and I will try to put my best efforts in achieving the goals
of this project. It is first time that I am going to work as a developer
rather than an application programmer; therefore, I am quite excited and
I hope I will learn quite a bit from this exercise. Last but not the
least, I will appreciate any valuable feedback from the community
regarding my project.


p.s. I haven’t started writing the actual code yet, therefore, I will
share the link to my github repository some time later :slight_smile: