[GSoC] gr-radar: Echotimer (USRP interface) and FSK Radar Demonstration


The GNU Radio Radar Toolbox has some nice new features!

First the USRP interface for synchronized TX/RX streams is finished. It
ensures that any waveform given by a tagged stream is received with only
a constant delay due to hardware delays. Therefore a MIMO connection
between two USRPs is needed. This delay can be evaluated with a simple
calibration setup and is fix for a specific hardware setup for all time.
Then the TX/RX streams of the radar system are in sync and you can start
with velocity and range estimations! Check out the post on my blog for
more information and an example video [0].

Second a FSK radar demonstrator is set up! It provides a single target
detection every 210ms with 0.25m/s velocity resolution and a maximum
range of 120m. Two USRP N210 and simple 2.4GHz wifi beam antennas are
used. Check out my blog again [1]! You will find there more information,
e.g. a second demonstration video of the FSK radar and the GRC


[1] https://grradar.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/fsk-radar-demonstration/

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