GSoC: GNU Radio DRM receiver

Hi list,

my name is Felix W. an I’m really happy to be one of the accepted
students and I want to thank you very much for giving me this great

I am currently studying at the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,
Germany) and will take up a Master degree program with a major in
communication systems this fall. My work for GSoC will be part of my
bachelor thesis.

The purpose of my project is to implement a DRM transmitter and receiver
in GNU Radio. Further information can be found in my proposal, which can
be downloaded here:

To make my progress trackable, I have created an account on github where
will upload all the code. It can be found here:


Any comments on my code are appreciated as I surely can learn a lot from
the community.

I’m really looking forward to this summer and hope that my work will be
useful for the GNU Radio community!

Best regards

We from Brazil are all cheering for you!!
; )

Do you plan to make your code run in realtime?
DRM+ receiver is really a need here as there is no consumer DRM+
in the market yet, and dream only works with DRM30.

You can count with me to test your code when you commit something.

Danke shon!
Rafael D.

Hi Rafael,

I don’t really have much experience in real-time applications but as
Dream did run in realtime more than five years ago, I think that it is
possible to make my code run in realtime, even with DRM+. Sorry for the
vague answer, but that is all I can say for now.

Best regards,

Am 24.04.2012 23:33, schrieb Rafael D.:

Good luck in the project Felix!
There are plenty of experts of DRM in Germany, so I’m sure you’ll not be
; )

Best regards,
Rafael D.