GSoC -- Call for mentors

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to say that our project list for GSoC 2013 looks pretty decent

The next phase is to make sure all of the projects have mentors
assigned (we already have four mentors, not counting myself–that’s
pretty good!). So what about you? Is there a project that sounds
interesting to you, something you’d like to mentor?
Just head to the GSoC wiki page and put your name down!

The next phase is to lock down the projects and make sure they are
descriptive enough and are tailored to the ~3 months timeframe of GSoC.

So, for all projects, the following answers should be clear:

  • Is there are clear, measurable goal for the project? Can anyone
    understand what they would be doing if they sign up for it?
  • Is the volume of the project appropriate? Students should be able to
    finish during the 3 months period, assuming they work full-time and
    highly motivated (if they don’t they fail, anyway). A good way to make
    sure of this is to have “stretch goals”, or bonus objectives, or what
    you’d like to call them
  • If specific hardware is involved, is there a way to provide that?

If anyone has some time to have a look at the projects and see if
they’re explained well enough, that would be nice.

At the end of this week, we’ll be pruning down the suggestions to 4-5
ideas that have mentors.


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