GSOC 2014 possible project proposal( plain text mode)

My apologies, first email was send with some HTML content.
My name is Damian Miralles, I am a senior computer engineering
students at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. I am very
interested inparticipating into the GSOC 2014 program and saw some of
the ideas posted there by Gnu Radio. I have a previous experience
working with GNU Radio developing customs blocks for SDR
applications. The reason why I am writing is because I would like to
migrate some of the experience I have gained during the last year into
the GNURadio platform using the GSOC 2014 program.
Below is a description of the two possible projects that I would to
propose to the GNU Radio group, I will be really thankful if anyone
would let me know if it’s of GNU Radio’s interest.

1- GPS L1-L2/GALILEO Signal Generation
The GNU-Radio project includes excellent libraries for SDR, but
sometimes a piece of hardware is required to test the code or develop
new concepts. The idea behind this project would be to provide the GNU
Radio project with the ability of generate raw GPS/Galileo signal
through software. Those generated signals would be realistic in terms
of noise addition, multipath, interference etc. With this capability
the user of GNU Radio would be able to control certains parameters in
the data simulated and test if the algorithms developed for reception
are suitable. I could easily offer more details on how to create it,
here it is only offer a basic idea.
2- GPS toolkit.
Create GPS receivers capable of performing the GNSS lock, the kit
would include the basic approach for GPS signal acquisition, which
include the “Parallel Code Search”, “Parallel Frequency Search”, etc.
In addition I plan to include new techniques for GNSS signal
acquisition based on the work developed in:

Please I know the mailing list have a lot of work to due but If
someone would let me know if it is of GNU Radio interest would be

Damian Miralles