Gruff Graphs

Well, I’m trying to generate graphs using gruff,
but I’m having problemns.

I use, require_gem ‘gruff’

then when I run g =
I get uninitialized constant Gruff


This error occured while loading the following files:

I don’t know what to do… please someone help me


What version of Rails are you using? What OS are you on? Do you know
if you were successfully able to install ImageMagick and all its
dependencies, and RMagick? It doesn’t make sense to have an error in
stacked_bar if you are creating a line graph. Also, did you include
‘require ‘gruff’’ in your environment.rb?

Shane V.

sorry about my poor information…

I’m running windows xp
I think ImageMagick and RMagick are ok, because I see no error with

i’m using require 'gruff’in my environment.rb