Gruff gives font-related error

Hello Railslist,

I’m trying to get Gruff running on OSX Tiger (intel) with edge Rails.
I’ve installed ImageMagick, Rmagick, FreeType and all their
dependencies, or so I believe. (I’ve compiled them from source mostly,
following a recent tutorial for Rails and ImageMagick on Intel Macs)

While following the sample on the Gruff downloadpage (the one with the
fruit), Rails throws a RuntimeError: “Can’t measure text. Are the
fonts installed? Is the FreeType library installed?”

What do I need to do to fix this error?
Thanks in advance!

Gijs N.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By the way, the tutorial I mentioned is:

But in, I read
the following:

RMagick must be built with the Freetype libraries for this to work


In this other tutorial
(, the DarwinPorts
FreeType library is preferred over the X11 version, could this be the
cause of my error?


ok, the solution is to install GhostScript
(sudo port install ghostscript)