Group SMS INtegration

Hello ,

i am developing an application in which Group SMS Integration is
involved ,
can anyone please suggest me how can i integrate that , i.e., sending an
sms to multiple members at a time , please suggest me if you people have
any idea about this .

Thanks in advance

i tried out it using twilio by writing below code in a .rb file ,

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘twilio-ruby’

account_sid = “AC267e4d7a29d6e7917d55e3fc065d4a33s”
auth_token = “daf9c92ff6af0411a7e417d684551dd8”
client = account_sid, auth_token

from = “+12694325440” # Your Twilio number

friends = {
“8105573461” => “Rohini”,
“8019966193” => “Kailash nath”

friends.each do |key, value|
:from => from,
:to => key,
:body => “Hey #{value}, Its me rohini messaging u!”
puts “Sent message to #{value}”

and if i run the above code i am getting the following error

connect_and_send': Authenticate (Twilio::REST::RequestError) from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/twilio-ruby-3.11.4/lib/twilio-ruby/rest/client.rb:165:inpost’
create' from send-sms.rb:17 from send-sms.rb:16:ineach’
from send-sms.rb:16

can anyone please tell me what might be the mistake in this .

Thank you ,