Group Models Into Folders


I have a lot of models in my app/models directory…
I thought that it would be nice to group them into sub folders…

like app/models/foo/.rb
and app/models/bar/

How to do this?
When I just move them into folders, they will not be loaded…
But when i execute Foo::Model in console, I will get an error
but after that Model is loaded…
So this must be possible anyhow, it actually nearly works.

I also tried to generate models like ./script/generate model Foo::Model
or ./script/generate model Foo/Model
This actually works, but I would like to use Model instead of
Foo::Model… so this module/namscape stuff is not what I’m looking for.

Would be nice if you could help me

thanks :slight_smile:

On Oct 14, 2:09 pm, Jakob B. [email protected]


Thank you VERY much