Greetings from Berlin

Hey, I am just signing up to the forum, I’m new, both to Ruby and coding in general. I’m self conscious because I imagine I’ll be asking some very naive questions so I hope I can count on your understanding <3

I’ve been self learning and recently wrote a silly command line game. If anyone wants to play it (takes about 15 mins) and tell me what you think, also about the code, I’d be happy, would be fun to share. I basically did whatever just to get it to work, I had the entire thing in a single file until the very end when I decided to try breaking it up haha, in other words, I’m sure there’s like a hundred ways I could improve it…

Warm greetings from the Berlin, Germany area!

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I don’t think this process ever ends! I spend more time rewriting code than anything else.

Once you have your code working, take another look:

  • are the variables and methods named in the right way?
  • do you have code duplicated, which you could put in another method?
  • do you have variables scattered about, which could go into a class?

Gradually rewrite piece by piece so it “looks better” to you. Later you will learn something that reminds you of your code, e.g. something in the library, then maybe go back and rewrite that bit.

I think you’ll find people here are always happy to answer questions. Ask away!

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