Great Lakes Ruby Bash - Registration Deadline

Just a quick word on Great Lakes Ruby Bash registration:

Great Lakes Ruby Bash will accept registrations up until the
conference begins, however our caterer requires 72 hours of notice for
a head count. Therefore, anyone who registers after 9AM EST on
Tuesday, October 7th will not have lunch provided by the conference.
There are numerous restaurants in and around campus within a 5-minute
walk where you may purchase your lunch if you register after the
deadline. The ticket prices will still be $50 after the lunch cut-off
date, so register early!

Registration link, for your convenince:

Brandon D.

Having been to the U-M campus on more than one occasion and found
parking to be as miserable as any other large campus in MI, are
parking arrangements available for attendees? If so where?


There is pay parking ($1/hr, I think) available in the structure next
to the building, but there is a lot of free parking in the medical
campus parking structures that are 1-3 blocks north of Palmer
Commons. If you go to and
click on “Event Map” under Directions you will see some of these
parking locations labelled on the map. Any of these “Blue” structures
on the medical campus are labelled with their enforcement hours, which
are generally 6am - 6pm Monday through Friday. This means that anyone
can park in them for free on Saturday. We will update the website
with specific directions on how to find the structures and how to get
to the venue from there sometime in the next few days.

  • Brandon